Updated: Dec 18, 2019

I initially started this business to showcase fitness and beauty brands. Although I had plenty of content to share within those two categories, my platform felt fragmented and incomplete. As my research expanded beyond the borders of solely fitness and beauty, it felt irresponsible to address fitness without the mention of nutrition. And how could I speak of nutrition and fitness without considering social, emotional, and environmental factors? Just as I have evolved, so has my platform. The Rooted Hook now encompasses more than just fitness, but a potpourri of additional wellness topics that are invaluable in designing your best life and exposing the true beauty that lies within.

Wellness…*sigh* It’s a big word, right? Especially in today’s media-saturated, Instagram influencer culture! I was recently asked if I have always been “into wellness.” I almost choked as I responded with a hard “NO.” As a child, teenager, and even young adult, I was naive and ungrateful for my well-being. I truly never thought that anything bad would ever happen to me. After all, health issues were something that other people had and my body seemed to bounce back from the many terrible choices I made during high school, college, and thereafter. My family genes didn’t show any signs of genetic disorders or diseases and I was active. So, yeah, I repeated the cliché confidently.

After I got married and had children, things got REAL. Close family members and mentors, people I loved and admired, suddenly became ill. Some passed away and some are forever changed by the disease(s) that unexpectedly hit them. Anxiety, an emotion I had never experienced, began to show its ugly face and fear of the unknown haunted me in my dreams. I became consumed with worry for my childre