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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

I initially started this business to showcase fitness and beauty brands. Although I had plenty of content to share within those two categories, my platform felt fragmented and incomplete. As my research expanded beyond the borders of solely fitness and beauty, it felt irresponsible to address fitness without the mention of nutrition. And how could I speak of nutrition and fitness without considering social, emotional, and environmental factors? Just as I have evolved, so has my platform. The Rooted Hook now encompasses more than just fitness, but a potpourri of additional wellness topics that are invaluable in designing your best life and exposing the true beauty that lies within.

Wellness…*sigh* It’s a big word, right? Especially in today’s media-saturated, Instagram influencer culture! I was recently asked if I have always been “into wellness.” I almost choked as I responded with a hard “NO.” As a child, teenager, and even young adult, I was naive and ungrateful for my well-being. I truly never thought that anything bad would ever happen to me. After all, health issues were something that other people had and my body seemed to bounce back from the many terrible choices I made during high school, college, and thereafter. My family genes didn’t show any signs of genetic disorders or diseases and I was active. So, yeah, I repeated the cliché confidently.

After I got married and had children, things got REAL. Close family members and mentors, people I loved and admired, suddenly became ill. Some passed away and some are forever changed by the disease(s) that unexpectedly hit them. Anxiety, an emotion I had never experienced, began to show its ugly face and fear of the unknown haunted me in my dreams. I became consumed with worry for my children’s health (and mine), and my role as a mother, protector, and mentor felt threatened by factors beyond my control. I learned that when disease and illness strike unexpectedly, all efforts are reactive. The why and the how are rarely determined by the time the damage is done. Not satisfied with this reality, I began to channel my energy into optimism. I focused on being proactive and discovered the world of wellness. This world made sense to me and I felt empowered to take charge of and change the course.

“Wellness” is a broad term with varying viewpoints and, quite frankly, it’s a pain in the ass to navigate. You may find that your notes are contradicting, leaving you overwhelmed and ready to quit. This is an example of what my notebook looked like when I started this journey to achieve overall health and wellness:

“Eat five small meals a day. Replace meals with fruit and vegetable smoothies. Do cardio at least three times a week for weight loss. Eat carbs before a long run. Fish is great brain food. Take Vitamin C daily. Eat a hearty breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day. Eat lots of protein. Eat lots of vegetables, but don’t eat peas, corn, carrots, or potatoes. Eat lots of fruit but watch your sugar intake because cancer loves sugar. Meat causes high blood pressure and high iron levels, which is bad for your kidneys. High-fat diets, like KETO, are great for brain health and development. Sleep is crucial. Don’t eat fish, it contains mercury, and mercury is bad. Wake up early and get moving. Running is bad for your joints. Don’t eat red meat. Don’t take vitamins in the form of capsules. Don’t eat dairy. Lift weights to shed fat. Thirty-minute workouts are enough. Don’t get your heart rate too high, it’s bad for your blood pressure. HIIT is the best for fat loss. Sodium is bad, but be sure to replace all of the salt you lost from your workout. If you’re going to drink alcohol, drink red wine, one glass isn’t bad. No tequila. A shot of good quality tequila is better than a glass of wine. Beer helps with breastfeeding. Never starve yourself. Intermittent fasting is great for detoxing the body of impurities.”

Get my point? There are many opinions and claims regarding wellness. Making the right choices can be a daunting task. You may even jump around from trend to trend. I get it, I was there too. Spoiler Alert: There isn’t just one wellness plan that is perfect for every BODY. The fact that we are all different is one of the most beautiful things about human existence. Let’s not pigeon hole ourselves! Our health journey should and will be unique. So no, you will not find a strict regimen here. Instead, you will find scientific information, case studies, and testimonies that will educate and empower you to make informed decisions as you design your own personal wellness path – the one that fits YOU. It doesn’t have to be your hobby (I got that covered), but it does have to be your responsibility. Own it and let’s get you BALANCED and at your highest potential of functioning!

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