Wellness & Our Integrative Care Center

by Stephanee Howell

We are powerful. The small businesses working together here at Restorative Therapy Company have big dreams and much to offer. We share a vision of integrative, community care, and we co-create each day, inspiring each other along the way. In this time of high tension, care and connection are needed more than ever. This is the vital goal of our wellness center, with a unique team that believes special one-on-one attention is the most important tool we all share.

My business, Yoga from the Heart, also has a very big heart. My passion is service.

During this uncertain time of Covid-19, I, like many small businesses, have been focused on persevering while helping others. As a retired ICU nurse and a yoga therapist, my work centers around care of those with difficult life challenges. The core of my work is longterm one-on-one trauma-informed therapeutic care for those with chronic illness.

I also offer mindfulness and meditation programs and therapeutic yoga classes.


I am also very excited to announce my new program launching this fall at the new Sentara Brock Cancer Center. Wellness Beyond Cancer is a therapeutic fitness, yoga and wellness program created in collaboration with Frank McKenna, a long-time fitness trainer. We each bring expertise in this 6 week progressive program designed for those newly diagnosed with cancer through long-term survivorship. Frank is an expert in the field of fitness for cancer, and I am a long-time yoga for cancer teacher in the community. Frank is a long-time survivor of Stage 4 lung cancer. I, too, have been affected by cancer in my close family and friends. Most of us, in our lifetime, will be touched by cancer in some way, and the need is great for programs that bridge the gap from healthcare to community care.

The wellness component is I Thrive, a comprehensive program I developed for cancer survivors that includes mindfulness and lifestyle practices for chronic illness. Our passion is to offer healing space and practical tools for living well with cancer.

Please call 1800 SENTARA to register or call me for more information, 757-816-4199.