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Updated: Dec 20, 2019

- Contributed Justine Hernandez from Passion Style Purpose

The journey of self-care & love is a trial-and-error journey... that’s what getting to know ourselves is like. Like in any relationship, you have to learn how to communicate with each other to get anything done with empathy, understanding, and encouragement; every once in a while, black mama comes out.

The self-love and care journey is about becoming aware of how you treat yourself and looking at the areas you feel disempowered to see how to heal and empower oneself. 

You learn about boundaries for yourself what capacity of energy do you have and so much magic.

For me being a transformation coach and Feng Shui expert, I see your space as an extension of you. You will be surprised to see how your environment is reflecting the negative or positive stories you have playing on-repeat in your mind. I love to teach how to empower yourself in your space and to take actions to see a shift within you and see life's opportunities start coming your way.

When I am coaching my clients, we always start in the bedroom. Here are some tips you can apply today in your bedroom to empower yourself in self-love & care:

Setting Your Intention 

Before doing any of these tips start by setting an intention of what you wish to achieve by applying these tools into your life.

Declutter. Declutter. Declutter

Get rid of things you already are detached from... like trash. But if you're feeling ambitious and ready for that self-love amazingness, use the 3 Box Method Trash, Donate & Keep  

If you just broke up with someone or you’ve gone through a divorce, get rid of things that represent your past relationships so it's not affecting what you want to create in your life.

Make Your Bed Everyday

If your bed is a clothing-collector - that’s okay. Still make your bed and lay the clothes in one neat pile on your bed. This will make you feel accomplished in spite of what is going on in your world. “The place I replenish my temple, my body to heal and process the days, is clean and orderly with no effort to get into bed.”

Plants & Flowers

Buy yourself beautiful flowers from Trader Joes or the local flower shops to place in your room (don’t wait for someone to give you flowers, buy yourself some).

Photos & Artwork

Remove any photos of family, friends, and mostly your children from your bedroom. If you have a partner, only loving happy photos of you both. Healthy boundaries! The bedroom is designated for you and your partner only.

If you are single. Have artwork that represents love. Avoid objects with one item or one person if you want to manifest a partner.


You always want a solid head board, I promise you it will change your life. Head boards represents having support and having support in goals and manifestations. 

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