Studio Highlight: What makes True Pilates TRUE Pilates?

Nicole Law of The Rooted Hook chats with the owner of True Pilates, Brenna Hosang, about what makes a studio a TRUE Pilates studio.

Nicole: Pilates is not a new exercise, but here lately, it seems to be gaining popularity again? Why do you think that is?

Brenna: I think Pilates is gaining more and more popularity because of the wide variety of clients Pilates can accommodate. I currently have clients as young as 5 and 6, and as old as 85. I work with clients that are active, those that have led a mostly sedentary life, professional athletes, and clients with a wide variety of injuries and limitations. Some of these include joint replacements, back and joint surgeries, chronic pain, overuse injuries, and just normal imbalances and misalignment.

Nicole: What sets True Pilates Virginia Beach apart from the other Pilates studios popping up in the area?

Brenna: There are a few things that set us apart from all the other studios in the state. First, I’m a Teacher Trainer meaning I help facilitate apprentices to become certified instructors through the head organization, Romana’s Pilates. This organization is a classically based training program using the same equipment and methods Joseph Pilates designed and wanted carried on. Most of the Romana’s trained instructors in the state have gone through my studio to achieve certification. This is also the only fully equipped studio in the area. Lastly, the certification program offered through Romana’s Pilates is INTENSE! It’s the most in depth programs out there requiring apprentices to learn the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced system on ALL the apparatus, as well as, how to safely and effectively work with clients of all ages, fitness levels, and injuries. This program takes at least 1-2 years to fully complete, so clients can be sure any Romana’s trained teacher knows their stuff!

Nicole: What do most of your clients gain after 3 months of taking Pilates classes with you?

Brenna: With consistency my clients build a solid core. They are stronger, better aligned and balanced, have developed longer, leaner muscles, have less pain and a much better overall body awareness in their everyday life.

Nicole: Who is your typical client and what do you promise them?

Brenna: I have such a wide variety of clients with all ages, fitness levels, injuries and limitations, etc. I promise all of them that, with consistency and hard work, they will feel better and move better in their everyday life. Pilates will help them achieve whatever their fitness goals might be… less pain, better sports performance, being able to get on the floor and play with their kids/grandkids, better posture, etc. We work to help the clients achieve whatever their goals might be… and then some!

Nicole: You've been in business for quite some time. What are you doing the same and what are you doing differently than when you first started?

Brenna: Some of the things I’m doing the same…

1- Continuing education. I really value continuing my education not just for my clients, but also myself as a student. I take regular sessions with upper Level Teacher Trainers and I travel several times a year to teach, take workshops and continuing education seminars/conventions.

2- I teach true to the Romana’s Pilates Method. This is THE BEST program out there and we’ve been given so many tools to help so many different types of clients.

3- Regular workouts for myself. Romana always said, “You can’t teach what you don’t do yourself.” Another Teacher Trainer also once said, “your clients know when you’re not practicing what you're teaching.” Those are very true statements. I strive to be the best student and teacher I can be everyday.

Some of the things I’m doing different…

1-Virtual Teaching, haha! It’s actually been great and opened many doors for me as a student and teacher of Pilates. Now I’ve been able to get clients into Pilates that may not have otherwise been able to come to the studio… stay at home moms, clients that work from home but can log in for a quick lunch break, friends, colleagues, and clients that don’t live locally, etc. It’s also allowed me to take 1-3 sessions each week from upper Level Instructors that live in New Jersey, New York, California, D.C., Florida, Texas, Washington, etc. Before this I would have to travel to see them. It’s been GREAT!!

2- I’ve recently joined forces with 4 other FANTASTIC businesses so we can all create a Wellness Center. It’s been a great move for me personally and professionally to help bring clients near and far the care and customer service they deserve all under one roof.

Nicole: Outside of Pilates, what do you do to stay healthy?

Brenna: Outside of Pilates I enjoy running with my 2 Vizsla dogs, cycling, and I’ve recently turned to a Vegan diet. In the past I’ve completed many IronMan triathlons and may return to that at some level in 2021. I also try to get a good amount of sleep daily… I don’t let many things get in the way of that ;)

Nicole: What do you see as the largest challenge small businesses face once businesses are able to reopen?

Brenna: Now that businesses are able to reopen, I think the biggest challenge is making sure everyone feels safe, taken care of, and their viewpoints respected. At the Wellness Center we are all dedicated to providing the best service in a safe, clean, and warm environment.

True Pilates is located at 1004 First Colonial Road, Suite 101, Virginia Beach, VA 23454.

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