Just like a logo can define a company’s brand, your story can be told by your skin. Within seconds of looking at someone, you can typically tell their age (give or take a few years), ethnicity, and gender. If you look a little closer, scars, moles, and tattoos might tell a deeper story of one’s personality: where they have been and where they might go.

I am a Skincare Obsessive and I admit that my interest in skin partially revolves around vanity and the desire to look youthful for as long as possible. The other part that fascinates me is the scientific research that has gone into preserving the largest organ of our body – skin.

Let’s step out of our ego bubble for a minute and focus on our skin’s functionality. Think of your skin as your greatest protector. It’s our body’s first defense in keeping the bad stuff out and the good stuff in. It helps us prevent and fight illness and disease by keeping germs and bacteria away. It holds our body together by keeping our organs, muscles, blood, and skeleton intact and in one form. It protects us from harsh temperatures. We can feel sensation throughout our body, both pleasant and not. And because our skin is permeable, it is the first pathway into our bloodstream, hence why transdermal penetration is all the rave!

The skin’s role in protecting our body is not a new discovery. Its importance was discovered by the Egyptians as early as 3000 BC and still maintains significance in modern-day science. Additionally, the topic of skin is heavily focused on in the medical, beauty, and nutrition industries. According to Forbes, skincare is the largest segment in the beauty industry with global sales expected to surpass $130 billion this year. Let’s think about how you contribute to that whopping number.

The average American woman spends $8 a day on skincare products and applies a minimum of 16 products before leaving the house, according to Skin Store.

Needless to say, the skincare industry is relevant and will likely be influenced by the ever-evolving breakthroughs and discoveries. Because the skincare industry is now so complex, with millions of new and advanced products flooding the market, stepping into the skincare world can be daunting and difficult. Maybe you are not as fascinated by the science and business aspects of it all, or maybe all you care about is finding a simple face wash that doesn’t dry out your skin or cause breakouts. Many are intimidated by the overwhelming amount of skincare products on the shelves, finding it hard to select just one. This comes as no surprise to me – with product lines carrying ten-step processes and beauty brands pushing the limits by offering facial needle rollers claiming anti-aging benefits. Pharmacies are now even hiring dedicated beauty reps to help you make a choice, adding a whole other dimension to picking a simple face wash. There is also added media pressure to be proactive and start all of this as early as possible. The focus is not only brought to our hormonal teenagers, but also to our infants and even our pets! Is your head spinning yet?

My goal for this blog is to keep you engaged through education and guidance in selecting the best products and services to achieve healthy and beautiful skin. The information I share with you through this platform is acquired through continued education (professional schooling and certifications, participation in professional seminars, and self-study), along with client and personal testimonies. I urge you to ask questions and challenge me for more information. Let us feel educated and empowered to protect our 6-pound organ and start feeling radiant from the inside out!