jEnergy: Becoming Your Own Healer

Written and contributed by Jen Fedorowicz of jEnergy

My older sister and I were very close. She was one of my best friends, the one I would call whenever I needed to talk. And she did the same with me. A few years ago, after we had a family disagreement in my home at a summer gathering, she abruptly left with her family, headed back to Ohio from Virginia, and did not speak to me for a year. I reached out multiple times, but according to my mother she was never going to speak to me again. For months I prayed and sent her love, but to no avail.

A few months after the argument I enrolled in an advanced energy course and the instructor told me that whatever I was experiencing in my life was a direct reflection of the energy flowing through my physical body. I am a reiki master and yoga instructor and I understand and believe in the Law of Attraction. I understood that I was attracting the things and events in my life, but this new information had me intrigued. I began focusing on my breath with much more diligence breathing and squeezing the areas that felt uncomfortable when I thought about the situation with my sister. One evening (after a year of no contact with my sister) as I was sitting doing the breath work I had been taught, my sister called, she needed my advice. The conversation felt a bit guarded at first, we talked for about 15 minutes. I told her I loved her at the end of the conversation, and we hung up. A few hours later she texted to say she was over the the rift and wanted to move on and get back to the relationship we had before.

My life had changed. I dove deeper and deeper into this work learning all that I could. I experienced more and more incidents like the one with my sister and before long I was teaching my clients that when we work from the energy instead of the stories of life, things can change in what feels like an instant. These energy bodies we live in are constantly filtering the millions of bits of information that the Universe is sending our way. The energy of the Universe is flowing into our physical body from above cycling through the body, animating the cells, and moving through the chakras or energy centers. This energy is the REAL you. Some might call it God, or Source, or Universal intelligence. It is Spirit, the greatest force of nature and YOU are that spirit. The degree to which you know you are spirit energy, and live from that knowing, determines the amount of pain or bliss in which you will experience in your life.

Most of us spend most of our time living in our head, thoughts, ideas, dreams, and worries are constantly swirling around in the mind field. And at the same time, we are disconnected from our physical body. The high vibration energy that is YOU is trying to come into the body, fully awakened present at the core. The problem is we just do not have the energetic circuitry in the body to fully perceive this energy. It is like our nervous system is an electrical grid and there are places where the wiring is out. The lights in those areas will remain off until we bring conscious awareness and energy to them. Once we have the circuits in place, we begin to perceive our wholeness and we begin to perceive our divinity. We recognize the magnificent energy being that we are, and we begin to not only heal the parts of our life that seem broken, but we begin to live from a state of bliss.

I want you to know that you are made of this creative energy. Life is meant to be joyful and flow in the most magnificent way. As you become more and more embodied, awakening the circuits that are down within the system, the energy of you flows more wholly through the body and life begins to flow with much more ease. This is the essence of energy healing. An energy healer works on your bio-energetic field to clear the energetic blocks in your system so that the energy can flow through you with ease. When energy is flowing freely you immediately feel lighter and things seem clearer. As energy moves into places in the body where it was not flowing before, the body begins to heal. As an energy being you were born with the innate ability to heal. Truly, we are all energy healers. With focus and breath work everyone can clear their energy blocks and keep energy flowing through their body for a truly healthy, magnificent life.

*Jen Fedorowicz is a Certified Energy Codes Facilitator through Dr. Sue Morter and The Morter Institute as well as a B.E.S.T. (Bio-energetic Synchronization Technique) practitioner.

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