Are these temperature fluctuations causing havoc to your skin, allowing blemishes to come out of hiding and expose themselves? *Lip Curl* Yes, even those of us that are completely dedicated to our skincare regimen can experience a blemish pop up here or there (thank you, hormones!). I am one of those people and last week I had a lovely blemish appear in its usual spot, my chin. While there are many products I could have used to kill off the bacteria and suffocate my new intruder, I crossed my fingers and hoped my esthetician had an opening for the quickest and most effective remedy to treat and prevent stubborn acne; a high-frequency treatment.

As a licensed esthetician myself, I know the value of high-frequency treatments,  but I also know that it is not requested as often as it should be. Do you shriek at the thought of walking around with a pimple on your chin? If so, you are not alone. So why, I wonder, is this treatment so under-utilized? Lightbulb! Time for a little education sesh…

High-frequency treatments have been around since the 1800s, first as a treatment to fight infections before the invention of ‘modern’ antibiotics, and now as a common protocol for many skincare treatments.

I use it as an emergency go-to for speeding up the recovery time of blemishes, but it can also be used to treat chronic acne, enlarged pores, skin lesions, sagging skin, puffy eyes, dark under-eye circles, fine lines and wrinkles, cellulite, and even hair loss! Treatment areas typically include the face, neck, and scalp.

So how does HF do it? Variations of high-frequency machines are used today, and most use a glass high-frequency electrode. When this glass makes contact with the skin, a mild electric current passes through the argon or neon gas-filled electrode, producing enriched oxygen molecules. These molecules have an anti-bacterial effect with “natural” thermal tissue warming. The reaction from the high-frequency treatment causes an immediate circulation rush to the skin and a subtle tissue warming. Underlying blood vessels dilate causing toxins to expel, leaving your skin hydrated, voluminous, and enriched with nutrients. This, in turn, creates cell renewal that aids in support of increased levels of collagen and elastin! And you know what happens when collagen and elastin are ramped up in your skin? That’s right! VAVAVOOM! Wrinkles are smoothed and softened, pore size shrinks,  and skin texture improves overall! High-frequency also cleanses and removes bacteria, which helps treat acne and speed up recovery time. Be sure to look for the argon gas (violet ray) to zap those blemishes GONE and neon gas (orange/red ray) to assist with product penetration and to prevent breakouts from reoccurring.

While high-frequency facials are safe, gentle, non-invasive, and offer therapeutic skin rejuvenation, they must only be administered by a qualified professional. Be sure to talk to your skin care provider as contraindications do exist, such as pregnancy and anyone with a pacemaker or heart disease.

Have your esthetician’s number on speed dial and kiss that blemish sayonara! You’ll be back in BOSS mode in no time! 💋👠❤️