Updated: Dec 18, 2019

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t want to be fit, but that doesn’t mean everyone loves fitness. Fitness is a broad term with extending branches and many personalities. We tend to categorize fitness into groups such as runners, yogis, cross-trainers, CrossFitters, ballerinas, cheerleaders (yes, they are athletes too!), cyclists, and swimmers, just to name a few. Then there are people like me who don’t claim any specific category simply because we enjoy dabbling in a little of each.

Growing up fitness and running were one of the same. My dad was in the military, and the Army organized several family fun runs throughout the year. We trained for it and then ran it as a family, competing with each other for the best time. I have fond memories of those moments and I am grateful that my parents got me “moving” at an early age. Fast forward a number of years later, and here I am working with a variety of fitness studios and organizations.  No matter how different each exercise is, the one consistency is that wellness is their nucleus. Some of us have our favorite styles, but as far as identifying one as the most effective, it depends.

What is the most effective workout?  That question comes up a lot from my amazing followers. For the record, I do not claim to be a fitn