Cacao Chaga Smoothie

This functional smoothie will check all of the boxes! With its high nutritional content and natural sweetness, you will be delighted with every sip. The Chaga mushroom powder, Cacao and fresh fruit bring a bursts of antioxidants and immune fighting properties to this beverage, making it a great choice for breakfast and a post workout or a mid-day snack! You can add a boost of flavor by adding different types of berries, cinnamon, cloves or any type of spices you like!


  • 1/2 sliced fresh/frozen banana

  • 1 cup of fresh/frozen strawberries

  • 2 teaspoons Chaga Mushroom Powder

  • 1 cup of plant based milk (I prefer almond milk with this one!)

  • 1 tablespoon Cacao Powder

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

  • 1 teaspoon Conscious Coconut Oil

  • Dash of cinnamon

  • Optional: a teaspoon of Elizabeth Eats Cinnamon Spice Nut Butter