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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Beauty Products that have me #HOOKED.

#1. Lotion P50: If you participate in social media, you’ve undoubtedly seen the many marketing ads for Biologique Recharge Lotion P50. Look – I get the skepticism that comes with the many claims made by beauty manufacturers, and I admittedly have become a victim of those claims myself a time or two. I read countless reviews on Lotion P50, both on retailers’ sites and other beauty blogs, such as Into The Gloss and Beauty Aficionado, and I got caught up by the rave reviews of this product. Reviewers were touting its ability to not only repair damaged skin, but also to promote and prepare new skin. I went on a hunt for my own bottle to see what all the hype was about. To my disappointment, the potion, I mean, the lotion wasn’t sold anywhere near me. Yes, I could have just made purchased online, but I wanted to talk to someone who knew the product and could attest to it. The closest place to purchase was Rescue Spa in NYC and, luckily, I had an upcoming trip planned to the Big Apple. I quickly made an appointment for a facial with the hopes of learning more about my “skin instant,” a term Dr. Phillippe Allouche, Biologic Recharge’s Head of Creation, Innovation, and Research, uses to describe a more thorough analysis of the skin. This analysis incorporates variables such as environmental factors, hormone levels, and age.

When entering Rescue Spa, I was greeted by their many product offerings, all beautifully displayed on glass shelves. My eyes quickly scanned the products and after recognizing other wellness brands that have #hooked me, I felt confident that I had made the right decision to listen to my gut on this one. I could go on and on about my visit to Rescue Spa, but I will save that for another blog post. Let’s talk about the product and why it is receiving so much attention across the globe.

There are many variations of the “Lotion” to address specific skin concerns, but let’s say that this is your first introduction to Biologique Recharge and start with the strongest version, Lotion P50. As I was lying on the bed at Rescue Spa getting the best facial I have ever had (that facial massage though!), I anticipated and hoped for the moment when the Esthetician would introduce me to Lotion P50. Then came the smell. *Record scratch. Let’s address that part first.

The product has a potent smell that reminds me of apple cider vinegar, mixed with a splash of Vicks Vapor Rub. I had done enough research prior to my visit to expect the non-subliminal odor, however, I still found it a disruption to the other beautiful aromas that filled the room. The smell is only due to the blend of sorrel, myrrh extract, myrtle, and onion, so relax! No harm, no foul. My inhalations and exhalations continued, however, this time with an open mouth.

The Esthetician began explaining the many benefits of the P50 lotion as I mentally took note of her every word. This is what I came for after all. The P50 exfoliates, hydrates, and balances the skin’s pH (a common problem for those with breakouts) all with one application and it is the preparatory step for any other skin care treatment. It includes a nice concoction of AHAs and BHAs (yay for glycolic and salicylic acid!) that exfoliate and remove skin with impurities, bad bacteria, and excess oil. By removing the excess build-up on the surface of the skin, these ingredients allow newer, softer, healthier-looking skin to emerge so that moisturizers and serums penetrate better. The balancing of oil production and anti-inflammatory properties may also improve skin health and reduce breakouts from excessive sebum production. The “Lotion” is also great for treating ingrown hairs. The great thing about the Lotion P50 is that it is ideal for most skin types.

With more than forty years of research and product development, Biologique Recharge continues to create safe and effective products that are backed by extensive clinical research. Dedication at that level deserves to stand apart from the rest and is a testament to their impressive following of beauty editors, skincare professionals, and other spa enthusiasts. I encourage you to do your research, and I think you too will become HOOKED.

To get your hands on the “Potion Lotion,” log in to Rescue Spa and request a bottle be shipped to you. Prices range from $28.00 a bottle to $101.00 (depending on the size of your order). *It is recommended that you speak with a staff member before making your initial purchase.

#2. Certified Natural Eye Pencil Noir by Antonym was introduced to me by Wanderful Boxes, a favorite boutique of mine located inside of The Collective in Virginia Beach. The Collective hosts a beautiful display of clean and green beauty products, amongst many others. As I peruse the store (which I do almost weekly), I enjoy opening the product caps, exploring the textures, weights, and scents. When I came across the Antonym Eye Pencil, I scribbled a heart on my hand to test how easily it glided across my skin. I also wanted to visualize the hue of color applied and the precision of the line it drew. The product went on smooth and soft, and my interest piqued with the rich, black mark that radiated from the heart on my hand. The line was precise, and when I rubbed it with my opposing hand, the line smudged a bit, without losing any of the pigment I valued and appreciated. Examining the product more closely, I learned that the gel-like application was due to the moisturizing ingredients within it, including a variety of natural oils and waxes such as marula, jojoba, and candelilla. This pencil allows flexibility in creating a natural, sultry, smokey look safe for the waterline, qualifying it as higher quality (in my opinion) than its competitors. I made the purchase after discovering that its coverage is waterproof with 100% natural origin ingredients! This Natural Eye Pencil has become a staple in my makeup kit and I wear it almost daily, with the confidence of knowing that whether I am on a boat or out for a night on the town, the product is there to stay.

#3. TNS Essential Serum is one of the most high-end luxurious anti-aging products on the market. Why all the hype? Prepare to be enlightened. Inside of that pretty little bottle is two separate chambers. When the pump is expressed, two products are delivered in one conveniently combined state. The two products are kept separate because not all of the ingredients within them react well together and their preservation standards are different. In essence, you are getting two products in ONE.

One chamber contains the TNS Recovery Complex, which is loaded with a naturally secreted and stabilized growth factor blend that helps with fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone, and texture.  The other chamber contains the APS corrective complex, which hosts special anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents that prevent free radical damage, helping to hydrate and brighten the skin. Most people tolerate the product well because it is full of vitamins and plant-based ingredients.

While the ingredients of a product play a significant role, it’s effectiveness relies on other factors such as the number of active ingredients, their concentration, and the product’s delivery method. You can slather as much Vitamin C on your face as you want, but if it’s not absorbed into the skin, you’re just wasting your money.  Unfortunately, many skin care lines are misrepresenting the efficacy of products by smacking “Contains Vitamin C” or “Contains Retinol” on the labels. Consumers are unknowingly spending money on products that likely do not work. This is where Skin Medica and other medical grade products take the lead.

The TNS Essential Serum alone contains at least 11 different active ingredients, which is 5 to 6 times more than most other high-end cosmetic products and there are plenty of clinical studies to back their efficacy.

“In essence, you are getting two products in ONE.”

Let’s talk about cost. The product can retail up to the $280 range. Why so much? Because it CAN. My advice is to stop spending exorbitant amounts of money on drugstore products and invest in a product that has been clinically studied and actually WORKS!

Where to purchase TNS Essential Serum: Because this is a medical based product, I would recommend only purchasing it from a medical care provider. Purchasing from anyone else can be sketchy. I get mine from Laura Currence Holden- MSN-FP-C at The Hague Cosmetic Center because A) she’s my favorite for all of my advanced skin care needs and B) you can earn rewards with your Skin Medica purchases through the Brilliant Distinctions Program which will save you money on future purchases.

#4. Oi Oil by Davines saved me. My mother was born and raised in Panama and I am grateful for my Latino roots, but taming my coarse and afro-like mane has been a “thing” since childhood. When I was two, I wore a brunette afro (no joke) and as it grew longer, the color changed to red and the added weight transformed me into a Sherly Temple look alike. I kept the curls and the color. Growing up in a Panamanian culture where curly hair was viewed as unkempt, getting weekly blowouts was “my norm.” I became familiar with the big round bristle brush at an early age and my blowout skills have stayed with me through adulthood. I still straighten my hair the same way that I did long ago, I add low lights and highlights from time to time, and I enjoy playing with hot tools to keep up with the latest trends. My naturally dry and coarse hair doesn’t love the added heat and processing and is known to rebel by displaying the frizztastic do I was naturally born with.

While there are many products on the market that claim to “de-frizz” hair, I always look for an oil-based serum because the creamy or gel-like stuff can make my hair stiff or sticky. I sample hair products before I purchase, putting a pea amount in my hand and rolling it around in my fingers for a few minutes until it dries. My stylist, Dervelle, at AOC Salon, who is fully aware of my needs and expectations, recommended Oi Oil by Davines. It passed all of my tests and it has become a staple whether I decide to go “all natural” or whether I give myself a full blowout. Oi Oil has that oil-like consistency, it’s never tacky when dried, and it’s light enough to keep my hair silky, soft, and fluid. Daily, I pump a couple of drops in my hand and rub it through my wet or dry hair and the texture is transformed instantly. I especially love the Oi because it smells like I just walked out of a salon. Forget the dry shampoo, my fro sisters! This one does it all!

Davines prides themselves on creating beauty and sustainable products so it was no surprise that their Oi Oil received a 91% rating by Skin Safe Products and was found to be FREE of the top common allergy-causing preservatives, paraben, lanolin, coconut, topical antibiotic, MCI/MI, nickel, gluten, soy, and propylene glycol.

Where to purchase Oi Oil by Davines: You can get the 50 ml of Oi Oil at Davines.com for $23, but if you are like me and want to test it out first, head over to AOC Salon (Virginia Beach or Norfolk locations). While you are there, treat yourself to a blowout or other hair service. The salon delivers quality and creative work every time and the staff is top notch. You and your hair (no matter how wild or limp it may be) will be in good hands!

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